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Tag: Adoption

What's the fate of crypto adoption?
Do you think with the continued Bitcoin price volatility that crypto adoption would be achieved? Do you think price volatility is the determining factor to the industry growth? Read full article
6h ago
Reddit btc
According to George Donnelly the Chinese BCH users/community desire: faster confirmation times, faster entry and exit from exchanges, an increased price and more adoption and forward movement
In the post "[Chinese BCH users are interested to see what the protocol development roadmap is post-ABC. Any word on that?](https://old.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/izlu5p/chinese_bch_users_are_interested_to_see_what_the/)" created about 48 hours ago there is [this comment by George Donnelly](https://old.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/izlu5p/chinese_bch_users_are_interested_to_see_what_the/g6vq7o6/), an emissary of the Chinese BCH users/community… Read full article
Bloomberg suggests that Bitcoin should be $15,000 according to this adoption metric
Their belief seems to be that Bitcoin is destined to appreciate unless these key indicators reverse themselves.Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
Here’s Binance CEO’s take on how to ‘sort of slow down crypto-adoption’
When it comes to cryptocurrency adoption, the past year has been dominated by the fact that institutional investors are now pouring into the digital asset market. In light of growing regulatory clarity and products like those offered by Grayscale that… Read full article
Crypto adoption has no future without regulation and law enforcement
The basis of any exchange of value is trust. The more two parties trust each other, the more they will feel confident engaging in transactions. Not just engaging in a high volume of transactions, but higher value transactions, too.

Bitcoin… Read full article
The XRP Ledger Foundation Launches To Accelerate XRPL Adoption And Development
The XRP Ledger Foundation, a non-profit, announced its official launch on September 24. The Ledger Foundation would be responsible for supporting the development as well as accelerate the adoption of the XRP Ledger across the globe.

Today we launched the… Read full article
Ripple-backed XRP Ledger Foundation Aims to Help With Adoption of XRP Ledger
On Thursday (September 24), independent and non-profit entity XRP Ledger Foundation announced that it had just launched and that its mission is “to accelerate the development and adoption of the decentralized XRP Ledger.” Here is a brief explanation of the… Read full article
Crypto adoption has no future without regulation and law enforcement
Crypto depends on the ability of regulators to create a framework that protects consumers and makes investing in crypto more welcoming. Read full article
The Boom of Cryptocurrency Adoption in Africa due to Covid-19 Pandemic
Due to Covid-19 pandemic we can see a growing interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency on the African continent in 2020. Read full article
Adoption of blockchain technology will provide liquidity for smallholder farmers – AFEX
AFEX Commodities Exchange Limited (AFEX) says it is introducing Warehouse Receipt Check by Trade Finance Market (TFM) to reduce fraud and drive access to funding for the agricultural sector in Nigeria.The inability of smallholder farmers to access finance has had… Read full article
Slow Public Adoption for Bitcoin, but Intrigue is Increasing
Research from a new study conducted by cryptocurrency mining company Genesis Mining shows that American citizens might not be interested in the issuance of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The survey took the data from 400 respondents and found… Read full article
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