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How Ethereum on exchanges dropped to a 5-year low
As Ethereum exits exchanges to reach a 5-year low, the number of ETH holders rises steadily through self-custody and staking, solidifying its dominance in TVL and trading volume. Read full article
A Comparative Review of the 3 Top Crypto Exchanges for Beginners: Binance, Millionero and Coinbase
Crypto markets made a dramatic comeback in the first half of 2023. As a result, users have been increasingly choosing crypto as an asset for investment at a time when global markets are reeling under the stress of high… Read full article
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The Flippening
A potential future event wherein Ethereum’s market cap surpasses Bitcoin’s…
Related to cryptocurrencies that use the POW protocol, thus are mine-able.…
Finney, Szabo
More somewhat common denominations of ether. The full denomination chart: h…
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