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Source: BtcManager.com

Forging Longer-lasting DeFi economies: Synthesized inflation with DAFI Protocol
Filled with ever-inflating token models, the DeFi space stands to greatly benefit from DAFI’s synthetics. As the DeFi spaces matures, attention is pouring into exciting new protocols that promise to disrupt the traditional finance space. The complex mechanics behind many… Read full article
1h ago
Crypto has some Secret Powers – Discover them with Student Coin
We can easily sense a higher demand in recent years for people with higher education in companies, so a University degree became a must. At the same time, students are searching for solutions to not become dependent on bank loans,… Read full article
20h ago
Jack Dorsey Mints Twitter’s Genesis Tweet as NFT
The Twitter CEO seems to have joined the NFT craze. Jack Dorsey Mints Tweet as NFT Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is one of the most well-known bitcoin (BTC) permabulls. However, it would seem that Dorsey is not shying away from… Read full article
iMe Messenger and Crypto Wallet Review: Designed for Secure Chats and Low-Fee DeFi
The iMe Messenger and Crypto Wallet, developed by iMe Lab, is a five-star multi-functional client powered by Telegram API. Telegram is a privacy-focused messenger and one of the world’s largest applications. Leveraging Telegram APIs This means the platform incorporates some… Read full article
Ethereum’s EIP 1559 Fee Market Scheduled to Launch in July
An All Core Developers call today confirmed that the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559 would be packaged with the London hard fork this coming July regardless of the mining industry’s discontent with the proposal. Developments Are Underway The event will… Read full article
Blockchain Association Hold Talks with Regulators Over Amenable Regulations
The Blockchain Association is putting preparation in top gear to meet with financial regulators in the President Joe Biden administration, including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, to make them understand the importance of bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies and the need… Read full article
Thailand: Movie Enthusiasts Can Now Pay for Tickets using Bitcoin (BTC)
In the first pilot project in Thailand’s entertainment scene demonstrating virtual currencies’ potential, Major Cineplex Group is collaborating with Zippex and RapidZ. Clients can now buy movie tickets using Bitcoin and digital cryptocurrencies, adapting to the “new normal lifestyle,” local… Read full article
Embattled Ripple Developing CDBC Payments Solution
Ripple has revealed in a blog post on March 3, 2021, that it’s piloting a private version of its XRP Ledger blockchain network. The solution is designed to function as a secure, permissioned, and flexible infrastructure for the issuance of… Read full article
Kraken CEO is Confident BTC Could Go Further than $1 Million
Kraken head Jesse Powell has made an unprecedented prediction that bitcoin could reach $1M in value. Powell on Bitcoin’s Future Potential The CEO, who is bullish on the world’s most known crypto, stated that BTC enthusiasts agree that digital assets… Read full article
Volkswagen Partners with Energy Web to Leverage Blockchain for Energy Storage
Blockchain alliance Energy Web has partnered with Volkswagen Group Innovation to explore the integration of electric vehicle (EV) charging points. Blockchain for Environmental Sustainability In a bid to leverage blockchain technology for sustainable solutions in the automobile industry, distributed ledger… Read full article
Ledger Live Integrates with Polkadot (DOT) to Provide Self-Custody Staking
The popular hardware wallet provider, Ledger, just added Polkadot to its wide variety of supported tokens. Ledger will allow users to directly stake DOT coins on the website, thus raising to five the total number of staking options. Polkadot Integration… Read full article
2d ago
Interoperability and Cross-Chain DeFi Coming to IOST after Polkadot Partnership
IOST—the high throughput enterprise-grade blockchain, and Polkadot—an interoperable protocol and one of the most valuable crypto projects, are joining hands and have completed the testing of core functions of the cross-chain bridge in Polkadot, an announcement on Mar 5 reads.… Read full article
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